Home Improvement Projects

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If you're considering selling your home or maybe you just want to increase your home total value, it's essential you educate yourself on what improvements will bring the biggest return on your investment. Always remember that the first impression your homes makes on a potential buyer is their first look of the outside.

Here are some home improvement projects you should think about:

Remodel the Kitchen

Shocker. I know this is an obvious one but for good reason. Research shows that you can recoup up to 68 percent of a major kitchen remodel or 75 percent of a minor remodel. Of course if you plan on selling in the very near future then you should be cautious not to overspend. Upgrading the appliances, cabinet re-facing and new counter tops would top the list.

New Front Door

A new door can make a great first impression on a buyer because besides the front yard and the home's exterior condition it is the first area of the home they are able to view. Replacing the front door can generate an 86 percent return on investment. Note: You would rather spend less, paint it and replace the hardware.

New Windows

Is your home energy efficient? Well buyers are definitely interested in how your windows look and their energy efficiency. It doesn't matter if you're replacing wood or vinyl frame windows, this can yield a 72 percent return on your investment. Don't forget to highlight the new windows as a selling point.

Remodel the Bathroom

A major bathroom remodel can be costly and doesn't carry as much return on investment as a Kitchen remodel. So you can make cost effective upgrades like replacing the fixtures, mirror, repaint and maybe add some crown modeling. You should always be sure to redo the caulk around the shower and tub and replace the grout on tile flooring.

New Deck or Patio

Buyers are always looking for outdoor living space and because of this you can recoup 78 percent of your investment on simply putting in a wood deck. Let's say you already have a outdoor living space, mull over new landscaping or an outdoor fireplace.

Lighting Matters

Buyers today like light, bright rooms and so you should give your home a good once over and see if you need to upgrade the light fixtures or possibly add more. You should replace any outdated overhead lighting fixtures for a more contemporary style.

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