How's Your Curb Appeal?

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It's true that if you have decided to sell your home you should spend time preparing their interior but make sure that doesn't mean you overlook the exterior. Don't ignore the value of great curb appeal. It can increase the value of a property by as much as 10–25%.

Beware. A buyer will associate the current condition of your home's exterior with the condition of the interior. You want your home's exterior to invite the potential buyer to take a closer look.


How does your home stack up to the rest? Fresh Paint
Clean the street in front of your home
Hide Garbage Cans
New Light Fixtures and Welcome Mat
New Screens and/or Screen Door
Windows and Covering should be cleaned

How does your yard stack up to the rest?        Keep the lawn mowed
Trees and bushes should be trimmed
Plant some flowers
Pick up leaves
Newspapers should be picked up
How does your driveway look? Vehicles should be parked away from property or in the garage. It shouldn't look like a parking lot

Misc Idea- Schedule home viewing when you are gone. This will ensure the buyers are comfortable when touring your home and usually will lead to them spending more time in the home


Remember that you don't need to spend a lot of money to make a big difference. If you need assistance you can contact your local JCL Realty Agent who can help find you a reliable professional.

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