Staging Your Home

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Stage it, Stage it, Stage it

If you watch any of the trendy Home-Improvement or Real Estate shows on TV you'll find a large number that are solely dedicated to staging your home. So maybe you re-arrange your furniture, select a more calming color palette, put away the family photos, and guess what? Your home WILL indeed sell faster, and for more money. Does this sound too easy to be true?

Well it's not! The process of home staging is backed by cold hard facts and it's exactly why Real Estate Agents love a great looking home…..they are just easier to sell.

Remember that a Real Estate Agent's primary goal is to please their clients, and they will lead potential buyers to homes they believe will actually sell. A staged home will be shown more often, meaning that the listing will get increased market exposure and this is a critical piece of the selling process. It will lead to a quicker and more profitable sale.

In many parts of the country staging your home is non-negotiable thus staging a listing in an area where this practice hasn't taken off can be a real advantage for a seller, particularly if there are many unsold listings similar to yours on the market. Buyers will be drawn to listings that look good and are in move-in condition.

It really doesn't matter what you're looking to purchase, prospective buyers always want to feel that they are getting the very best deal. When your market is flat or possibly on the decline, buyers need to believe that the house is worth the price

Conclusion….staging your home is much more than an exercise in stylish interior design. It's a crucial business decision that many sellers overlook and can have a massive impact on your overall financial return and timeline.


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